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evening will do little. woo hoo . the fine arts he warned you may find a new report revealed that britain's intelligence agency intercepted and stormed back an image is from millions of users. a little help of course from the nsa the latest on that ad. and another member of the cuban find proof is released from us custody. the five men were convicted back in two thousand won on spying charges. that won't mean the hill that spew out to look at the history the cuban five coming up. and in
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california ap the city officers face charges of car that six of the city's top officers have been arrested for their involvement in a car in between each more than scraps and later in the show a fan. there's a february twenty seven. i am in washington dc. here is a bit in your watching art in america. any gains in saying that the news that britain's intelligence agency the gc hq collecting images from webcam conversations conducted by now the users this is all according to documents released by former government contractor and with snowmen entertained by the guardian report reveals the details of the surveillance program called optic nerve which the gc hq was collecting and storing these images and large quantities all the support of the us national security agency. oh and siemens rti who has said
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when you were not aware of norwood week don't miss reported activity. this report it to represent the whole new level of violation of our users' privacy and is completely unacceptable to talk a little bit more about how this program was carried out earlier i spoke with auntie sarah first in line and address answer how can she see each queue was collecting this information. but this is done by a wet can increase its intake in a jiffy teeth each key. at eighty eight by the nsa. i don't have that program catering to all taken at the end anyway essentially correct affiliated states had for many in sydney on he's an account one point eight million. i can sense a payment agency database is and how this information supposed to be used. well this is the antidote is to see school as experiments in fourth place in facial
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recognition. i know is he's workin' on tuesday sec's existing content that illustrates the discovery of new targets and intense and safe effective can be used to try to find cars of all criminals had been full of saintly team he said at a multiple anonymous easy like the face keeping up. i've seen all day sat at thirroul could potentially be completely innocent jesus and did indeed he seems keen to see us between rich and those users were suspected of wrongdoing and and those who were suspected of wrongdoing it is not i think that's brady was causing such outrage here is that it seems that she feeds q able to access that many images can be indiscriminately at the information was correct it involved a largely anonymous he's likely to be fed eat out in a stall kids and adults that means the baby being unable to filter out the information that could sweep at us although he came fifth in
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the state administrations make that as the fed indiscriminately at collecting this information because that's what i did call such consents and the dying death and the lebanese authority absolutely and of course also we're learning that scores of factly explicit material in particular when they inadvertently collect it after realizing this didn t c each to make any intent whatsoever to prevent the collection for storage in the back and content. when she faced case i think getting a little bit although i think they were bargaining for that of mother queenie its findings that discovery as they say a surprising number of people he is white and had conversations the shaping for the cause of that body in a trade of smith's eight c to eleven defense of the image is contained undesirable need to be with one facial media even commenting on the revelations that i can keep if its cctv on the seas chiefly steve. no
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she said. both are opting to the school advocates despite this it seems that she faced him i didn't make any attends tea at preventing tried to pull the story to be significant if we can eventually it seems comes to a compromise that might explain the image is from this facial recognition program that they didn't actually think the faces that i eventually they did manage to cut out some of the image is coming for a good thing for all my stuff that i was late in the collection and he still eats at face value packed snow and it is our concern about the us and uk are part of the five guys in there for the sharing intelligence on is that the tissue the nsa has access to be on the webcam storage in all these images. if that we'll carry that weight exactly how much fat. and if they had steve api key weapon in that image is of course that is the question a lot of people. i think reading uniting our heathen south again to be at meridian pitching had to get the oh so
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not a single policy documents were available at the nsa and its not receive information sharing as effective all say that i'm painting program at a g safety operation today what a good sized city by the nsa think that is going to be something i've been getting keeping a cranberry crazy right now. i was there and this particular program optic nerve. interestingly only focus on the phone users i am the real reason why need and c use the opulence in a single one from the tolkien didn't fit again we say five things that you are he says a second even if a wife to an old guy in the top you can get some of the tentative deal with the kids to teach an interest in the potential capabilities that the expos at the sixteen k camera as saying that generates is a normal wet canned traffic as say again it seems possible that they do and the spread of linking to the house expounded at the that is as well as about
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wife gail yucky wet and ageing. alright certainly a lot of outrage over this artsy correspondence there for things for your reporting can the world i have been focused on the fount political change is unfolding in ukraine's capital of the ads in recent months. but it seems now the attention is shifting to the crimean peninsula where dozens of gunmen raise the russian flag over parliament today the conflict is now raising concerns over possible separatists from delhi and that's dividing the region rtc work is not as the story the last of the law ukrainian nationalists who lives are being shouted alongside one of the state share the same way and definitely not the same political views. eight. i
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wheeled he now teaches children that note i'll recruit who does not will be named lucy the caribbean as a part of aggression the majority of people with a fear of support for russia's leader in news saw the crimean belong to the russian soviet republic until nineteen fifty four with the then soviet leadership decided to transfer to the administration also beat ukraine and when the ussr collapsed in nineteen eighty one the crimea was left in support of independent ukraine. was the last few centuries mainly ethnic russians have been waiting on these lands alongside minorities including the muslim twenty and top cars the granny always used to be rationed was passed over to the brain idle. it's time for justice to prevail in the car in front of the local administration building here in sync with the he did it for approval rating had to go for progress
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in with the words like her ukrainian flags here and that sentence. boiling point when you submit a switch starting with the ukrainian nationalists they were never able to agree on them. one room crime unit on fingleton was on the idea is to fall for it to the point however to listen to fall more and more tickets but the majority you expect you'll have plenty of warnings to exercise the political will and not allow him to comfort the new open to break down. you go to school for tea. reporting from the cranium. and headlines across the us and europe are speculating that rice is on the brink of getting involved in finance some argue directly linking russia's military drills but the tense situation on the peninsula. russian military officials have denied there is any connection saying the maneuvers are being held hundreds of miles away anderson nineteen nineties with the cap now brings us more on how the west is
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responding to the situation nato defence ministers expressing a lot of concern over ukraine as well as their perception of the kremlin's response the nato secretary general wonders of rasmussen called on russia not to do with anything that would quote as cleats tension or create the mis understanding he told the guy a meeting of the nato ukraine commission die in brussels. the latest developments in the crimea both dangerous and irresponsible also raised the alarm. the new german defense minister now she waited at her very first nato summit in brussels. take a quick lesson in this situation in the ukraine particularly encouraging me and fills us with great concern because of the utmost importance that we prevent the breakup of the ukraine and that special forces in the country are strengthened so of concern about da whether ukraine remains in one piece are not the russian foreign ministry meanwhile issuing a statement in response to all this saying that the nato defense ministers were sending equal
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to the wrong signal in their statements urging all sides to refrain from making what moscow referred to as provocative statements of islam not just coming from the nato ministers but reflected in the western press as well the news has certainly made front page headlines when a lot of speculation that moscow's decision to hold military drills is linked somehow to be addressed. that notion which the russian defense minister sergei should build disputed that saying that the emergency military drills were routine of largely on believe it to the developments in the ukraine and did i want to say that russia is of course closely monitoring the developments there and the restless around russia's black sea fleet which remember is based in the crimea. that was rt correspondence account not and as a member of the cuban five spy ring was released today from the us prison after spending more than fifteen years behind bars fifty year old fernando gonzalez known to us authorities by his alias
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within combat completed his sentence today in safford arizona. according to the u s attorney's office in silence has been turned over to immigration officials for deportation to cuba. the five men who make up the cuban five were convicted in two thousand won in miami for spying. the first to be confined to the release was rene gonzalez. he finished his prison sentence in two thousand eleven. it's been more than a year on probation in the us until a judge allowed him to return to cuba earlier i spoke with our teasing episode on the mend from our miami bureau. first lesson to explain why the cuban five which horse with back in two thousand won well actually that trial begun in november of two thousand that it was a very real and complex processes you can imagine that went on to seven months it'll happen here in miami and from the very beginning of the legal teams defending the cuban five fold for change of venue because as we all know the south florida is a stronghold for the cuban
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that didn't happen and the jury found them guilty of all twenty six counts including conspiracy to commit espionage conspiracy to commit murder and acted as agents of a foreign government here in the united states. and besides the trial were lost in several months the benedict well surprise was just announced in a few minutes then in december two thousand won all five members of the group received different sentences but not on rene gonzalez the two that already the alps called nineteen and fifteen years and don't you get it all the more i like the noble life in prison. this received two life sentences to be served consecutively the cuban government's response then over the years it has gone on for. he now is so long i was like the swans maintenance incarceration but since been going on since nineteen ninety eight and they basically the cuban government has a mole always had a different position at a very different point of view and will they pull away said
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is that the other team was an anti unit whose mission was to avoid any violent action coming from miami based groups against the castro regime so they have the issue is is very different but the group was never talked in the us military but miami the cuban groups. in addition we have recently heard that from the cuban officials that washington simply next the wheel and displaced wants them to roll and that directly accuse the us officials the pride agenda next to inflate the story and create a negative view that the cuban five in the right here in the us a very strong position from the biomass and also a very different one from the one here from washington not only the cuban government but also in the cuban people both the bride and the us in miami where you are. i mean long lobbied for their relief at were now seen this act and had to be release fernando gonzalez. i'm making you think it's because of the safford sad that she's finally being released
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the festival you're absolutely right it's not only the cuban officials that the cuban people around the world of albion for their release and what to bolster the amnesty international criticized in the us but necessary punitive actions toward some of the cuban five no broad term visas to their relatives so that they can come and visit them here in the us the united nations commission of human rights stated also that of the trial did not take place in the climate of all chipped in to cnn cost of a tape that is required in order to confirm that the standards of a fair trial such as the middle of pressure but honestly it's britney and fernando gonzalez have completed their sentences and they just all the standard production for the comeback said. i don't think in these two places him at the end that was was was was not. activists will they insisted they can to keep on fighting for those three members of the group the state imprisoned we have seen some reductions than in two of those cases. so some efforts have definitely been
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heard in washington. i love the sentiment and a reaction to all this but this could be a step toward better u s cuban relations go back to us that cuban relations that is a very very deep and complex problem that it's only you know that many crossed interest between these two countries but because there is such an option in strong cuban community live in a care in the us in specifically here in miami also south florida that many times. no one gets the sensation that these can just get in the way of any possible improvement but at the same. it is such that the problem and we do try to tend them find unit at turning points that would trigger a change dr brady think the nations will change due to a single issue it's more a matter of oil in a compromise. absolutely well ali and time for our team episode on and from our miami city of indio. and two former guantanamo bay detainee is an act of french judge to
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subpoena the former prison commander. they accuse of overseeing their alleged torture. ms r's stasi and mom rhonda salami are french citizens who were both captured by us authorities in qana heart afghanistan. they were held by american authorities in gitmo from late two thousand one to two thousand four at which many were released back to france the report submitted to the giants of the high court in paris the former detainee is alleged that major general geoffrey miller carried out a quote on the rise and systematic plan of torture and ill treatment on persons deprived of their freedom without any charge and make out the basic lines of any detainee. miller became the commander of guantanamo and the two thousand to just after the bush administration approved enhanced interrogation techniques those techniques included placing the detainees in stress positions for a man exposing them to extremes
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unocal. but the complaint notes that miller carried those tactics out and then after then secretary of defense donald rumsfeld withdrew permission to use the most controversial interrogation practices the united states has yet to issue a response on the case guantanamo remains open more than twelve years after it began holding suspects despite president obama's efforts to close at and the third of the police officers in a small california town of king city have been arrested. this is all for their involvement in a scheme to steal impounded cars belonging to pour family is rocking latino immigrants in fact one of the police officers was promised he could keep one vehicle for every ten to fifteen vehicles he steered towards a towing company. for more insight on this earlier i spoke with our t's room on the window i first asked him to tie the knot how this team really operated. brett mayo well residents of this small town
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of king city having complained that police had been taken their cars for years but this investigation involving the monterey county district attorney's office in the fbi to start about six months ago now in the criminal complaint alleges that a sergeant in king city between the two doesn't end in two thousand thirteen had that towed and impounded more than two hundred vehicles and as you mentioned injured in the introduction of for every ten or fifteen that you would bring to the lot. he would get one in which it now the prop are the problem is that most of the car as i was in town they were being sent to just one total yards nearly ninety percent of all the impound the cars are going to this one till your problem is that these tow yard also happens to belong to the brother of the acting police chief banking city so that things did seem a little strain is there ultimately the district attorney. i did step and ultimately a rest in the six officers and civilian
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obviously after all conflict of interest there would have been telling company. i meant on the twenty police officers are being charged with break now. sure the most serious charges are bribery and embezzlement all felony charges which carry up to forty years. with each cow very bizarre schemes had to try and cool outside really think they can get away with it add the prosecutor in the case and even said he's considering charging officers with hate crimes you know anything about that how this could be considered a hate crime. sure though that the lead prosecutor in this case the issue was considering hate crime charges against some of these officers upon was that a lot of these cars that were taken were taken from latino families that come from disadvantaged areas there in the city. i get into a proven racial animus in the quarter was very difficult than what some believe the da's office decided that today wasn't so much of a racial thing. more
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of a thing where the police where to start in the most formidable more notable people in this community many of which had very few financial resources and many of whom just didn't speak english. i understand authorities act and said that while they were investigating the initial add the miso crimes. add the photo cause some on terror and evil activities he knew anything about now. gray wool when the offices which was arrested this week is being charged with possession and assault rifle and illegals the little storage of a wet day and a diet of gun laws here in california. another officer was charged with making criminal threats against a resident barry king city and the deserted train this week mentioned that the investigation is ongoing so we could see more of a rest to come in that in the coming days and weeks till after we receive that i was going to shift attention to one particular act police
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officer or former police officer that was arrested at former police chief nate make an aldi me as i'm coming under scrutiny. this is not the first time that i am now he is sort of calm under pressure at once his history yet the former she's back in twenty ten he was on leave that he was accused of showing up to a crime scene drunk actually a murder scene in stepping in. in some blood and also putting down his coffee cup. there potentially contaminating the scene of those charges he was ultimately cleared him but he received a vote of no confidence from the police union say a police officer saying that they're that he had retaliated against them ultimately his troubled tenure ended last year when he retired but he's still getting paid by the city. i needed something thinking that he is not the only california to be making headlines this week that as an ego police department
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chief. i also stand down amidst allegations of sexual misconduct by police officers and his forest. i want the latest on that case and we have about thirty seconds laughed. sure we'll officially will hand down his last day is tomorrow says twenty eleven at least nine ounces there have been accused of a range of crimes in misconduct from rain to sexual battery to dui but the most seriously ill he was an officer who it is facing several charges of sexual battery. ultimately he. she said that this was in the cause for his resignation over a new police chief has been named as a new police did not return my phone calls for comment. however she says she's been there it's the first female chief in the city but overseas been there for decades. so it's still a lot of questions as to whether someone who's been in the system for so long to really be former police department that's seen quite a bit of misconduct in the last two years i miss the neck is becoming more and more frequent and scenes in a
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state of california are teased her mumbling now from l a city of indio. you bet and still ahead here on our team today mdc members of the tea party celebrate the group's fifth year sentence for the movement as an a huge impact on american politics. the sights and sounds. today's rally after the break. there are. once again well i've never had that. are they former model
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adelaide are not a tea party is celebrating its fifth layer today. the political party is one of the largest groups in the grass roots conservative movement. i gathered today here in washington dc to celebrate its lands on the current political climate. so if the tea party still on top or could it be missing it seemed our teeth kerry and boring as the story. the tea party celebrating their fifth anniversary today at a rally in washington d c hosted by the tea party patriots. they fell between seven and nine hundred tickets by what we saw the people in attendance the average age is about sixty five seventy years old so as an older crowd here. i really do have some of
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the most popular voices within the tea party movement speaking here today including senators brand color and type cruise and michele bachmann and representative jim jordan i spoke earlier with mark live band hanson was the biggest motivating force behind the tea party today you have millions of individuals who love the country who do not want to fundamentally transform to believe in liberty and private property rights of the rule of law and so this is why with the tea party movement a conservative constitutional movement. and that's our heritage and are trying to protect preserve our heritage to the tea party still has a very active boys and watching ten pc in the tea party patriots are operating on three sets of values one a constitutionally limited government fiscal responsibility and free market economics that one member of this organization has taken individual initiative. it's in the pew and she is looking to oust a very influential voice by the end of this year twenty fourteen is going to be an absolutely fantastic year
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the tea party movement to enhance band inspired by so many in every state for many good restaurants. and we have most definitely the potential to add more constitutional conservatives in congress can't really exciting opportunity before us that everyone here is fired up about. to replace harry reid ans as majority leader since two thousand nine when a group of constitutional conservatives got together to speak out against the stimulus package is in the bailouts and cronyism i came out watching sand that almost wrecked our economy to form what's down today the tea party. it seems that five years later the tea party catalan still hot washington dc area boring parts. and speaking of the tea party tonight politicking with larry king will feature an interview with ralph nader activist and former presidential candidate tonight's episode focuses on
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the possibility of a third party surgeon politics here's a snippet of what's to come. what do you use the tea party so there are more than one tea party or a guilty party who assemble a small business of professional libertarians. as of today could have been part of this left right coalition that were critical of the patriot act critical of nafta critical of the bloated military budget critical of corporal welfare and bailouts of wall street. but the republican right is an especially in congress or the hijacked it. some think tanks here in jacked it took tl and put in on. extreme corporate is. politicians here in washington. then i think the squad and they resent them back home. among some other carer a tea party people who had more of up of a ron paul libertarian
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approach. for that and more tuned in and nine pm tonight here on rt america. and welcome to plan a party if jackson said that kepler telescope has discovered a whopping seven hundred and fifteen planets outside our solar system by far the biggest batch of planets and burundi old and wants the discovery of the seven hundred additional celestial bodies but in the number of planets discovered in the galaxy to about seventeen hundred. nasa says ninety five percent of the planets discovered are smaller than neptune didn't even mind the scene is about four times the size of earth so we're still talking about baby discovery's here. it's the most interesting part of this is that four of those planets fall and what nasa calls the hive beetle bowl his own and that means those plans may actually have the makeup to support life so from our new life on mars fans out there. seems like there's a couple more planets to castor hopes on. anna does
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it for now i'm irritated. and


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